Hi there!

I’m Jake, a Fashion Promotion student in England trying his hand at blogging. I’ve always considered trying out this platform but never got around to it so I’m going to try my best okay?

So about me, eh? Well I’m 19 and originally from Coventry currently living in Rochester, Kent. I’m a student studying Fashion Media and Promotions at University of the Creative Arts, Rochester. I enjoy aimless wanders through the city of London, Japanese dogs and modern art. I also love fashion, even with a limited budget and a lack of style you’ll usually see me with my nose between the pages of Dazed or Vanity Fair. I also try my hand at photography, if you want to check that out take a look at my portfolio here!

I’m also very active on the majority of social media outlets so if you want to connect there click on the links below!

Thanks for taking time to read this very brief intro,
All the best, Jake

P.S. On this blog I’ll use NSFW language so if that’s not your cup of tea I’m sorry in advance.


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